The individual counseling program, based on my proprietary '10 Meetings' method, is a proven algorithm with proven outcomes. Upon completing all 10 sessions, I hand to each client a personalized 'Book of Mastery.' This book will serve as a navigator and roadmap toward real changes in your life.

Each session lasts for either 60 or 90 minutes.
    Defining the Request
    Collaboratively defining your request and analyzing the situation.
    Identifying the topics that are most important to you.
    Determining the desired outcome.
    Establishing what effect you expect after completing the program.
    Analyzing the current situation.
    Crafting the Request Implementation Process
    Developing a collaborative work plan.
    Signing a contract and setting the meeting schedule.
    Discussing the request implementation process. Identifying your values that will be fulfilled by resolving the request.
    Clarifying why your request is important to you.
    Analyzing the Current Situation
    Conducting detailed analysis of the current situation: what is actually happening.
    Identifying what needs to be achieved in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  • MEETINGS 4–5
    Delving Deeper
    Gathering information about your life.
    Identifying situations that could have a negative impact on your life.
    Identifying what needs to be changed within yourself in order to mitigate the impact of unfavorable past experiences.
    Clarifying how you express yourself in life.
  • MEETING 6–7
    Solution Scenarios
    Exploring different scenarios for resolving your request.
    Studying your strengths and weaknesses, your abilities, and opportunities.
    Enhancing the connection between your consciousness and emotional state.
  • MEETINGS 8–9
    Action Plan
    Defining a specific action plan for the next three to six months.
    Detailing the steps you need to take to achieve your goals or address your issue.
    Setting your priorities and values. Determining what is truly important to you.

  • MEETING 10
    'Book of Mastery'
    Bringing all stages of collaboration together.
    Discussing the implementation of the actions that have been planned.
    Reviewing the six-month comprehensive program.
    Learning to work with the 'Book of Mastery,' which I prepare individually for each client.
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