How to manage to live during life? Psychology of time

Dialogue about the priceless and unique time for each of us.
00:44 - Why do we raise the question of how to have time to truly live?

01:37 - Where does the fuss come from?

03:36 - «Take everything from life!»

04:38 - Aсcelerating and braking: balance and self-preservation

05:42 - Panic at the age of 5 years old - «Dr. Aibolit»

09:02 - To slow down time - is there pleasure in it?

10:50 - What do you need to do to live your time and your life in pleasure?

11:20 - Time is exclusive.

13:00 - Time is priceless.

14:28 - To be in time = Success. How to make your life successful?

14:51 - Your «right time». Practical practice - 3 «В» ( in Eng. vision, willpower, realization).

15:54 – Vision - how to create it?

19:19 – Willpower and neuromediators

21:04 – Anticipation = motivation.

23:27 – Realization of an idea into life.

25:05 – How to have time to live while living?

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