Women's Empowerment
Convention “WE Convention”

April 20-21, 2024 Atlantis the Royal, Dubai
It is time to share the results of one of the most significant and large-scale event where I was a guest speaker - Women’s Empowerment Convention “We Convention”. This year the international forum was devoted to issues of career choices and professional growth, financial prosperity, realization of strivings
and goals, as well as entrepreneurial strategies, education and work-life balance.
It was extensive and enchanting:
  • 100+ leading experts and speakers
  • 2000+ participants from around the world
  • 60+ countries
  • 2 days of the conference
  • 23 opened panels
  • 12 round-table discussions
  • 14 coaching sessions
  • 5 workshops
  • 20 partners

In the framework of the convention, I had two statements in conjunction with other participants, where we spoke openly and honestly about the critical important actual elements for development, self-improvement and, of course, for success.


The first of these statements was a round table entitled "How to keep up with life while alive?". The subject of relationship with the time worries me not only as an expert, but also, and above all, as a person.

Frankly speaking, many of us are in a constant race and fuss. And vanity appears when we act out

of a sense of insatiable and fear of missing out something valuable, when we just appropriate, obtain and don’t give anything in return. But going along with this strategy, we will catch nothing.

So why are we doing this? And is there a sense of pleasure in every day we live? That was the main point

of our meeting at the round table.


The second statement was the panel discussion "Success has no age". We worked on that topic with four different, multidimensional and successful women of various ages:

  • Rima Manna - Vice President of Nokia ME
  • Maja Antolovic - Director of Representation of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the UAE;
  • Mariam Hussein - actress, singer and founder of her own online beauty boutique;
  • Maitha Alblooshi - electronics engineer, youth leader and founder of ‘Be you’.
The issue of life’s success and realization was and remains one of the most relevant and pressing, but one of the most difficult at the same time, as it raises many other questions about how to achieve high results, including financial, but still to keep up living and not to lose yourself in pursuit of the result.

As well as other speakers of the forum, I shared my knowledge, skills, stories of successes and failures with those who were striving to achieve their goals, but were struggling to take the first and bold step towards their destiny.
My main mission, as well as the purpose of the entire forum, was to pull back the curtain to the first step in your own vocation and let you understand that age is just a number.
Till we meet again!
Your Elina Landman.